Stage 3 – CO2 Transportation

Geologic Sequestration

pipeline worker

Transporting CO2 via pipeline is not a new concept. For almost 50 years, Enhanced Oil Recovery or EOR operations have source CO2 from both nature sources and industrial waste streams. US companies operate over 5,200 miles of CO2 pipelines across 12 states with an excellent safety record. During the last decade CO2 pipelines experienced only 18 incidents resulting in zero injuries.

While CO2 is not classified as a hazardous substance by DOT, CO2 pipelines have been included in DOT 195 Transportation of Hazardous Liquids. As such, CO2 pipeline design and operation procedures are required to comply with minimum standards developed and refined by decades of pipeline operations experience.

Sources: DOE/NETL-2014/1681, April 2015

With the continued push for Carbon Sequestration and increase of EOR applications, pipeline industry experts project expansion of the CO2 pipeline system of up to 1,000 miles per year until 2030.