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Adapting Technology to Manage Carbon Footprints


With over 110 years of combined experience evaluating, drilling and operating wells, AD3 brings the practical know how to your project.

Results Driven

Fueled by competition and tempered by success, the AD3 team strives to exceed expectations.

Diverse Solutions

Because of their vast global experiences and innovative nature, AD3’s team prides themselves on thinking outside of the box.

Committed to Partners

Whether you are a partner or vendor, you are part of the team tasked with lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
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Working together to reduce CO2 Levels

Adaptive Technologies

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Geologic Sequestration

Technology of injecting and storing CO2 in suitable geologic formation.

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Biologic Sequestration

Technology of CO2 storage and consumption in a plant system.

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Technologic Sequestration

Technology of CO2 storage and utilization in material and industrial systems.

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Geologic Sequestration
Biologic Sequestration
Technologic Sequestration
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Mission & Vision

With today’s challenges of emission regulations and the drive for carbon neutrality, AD3 Technologies is providing industrial CO2 emitters custom solutions to store or utilize their CO2 emissions. AD3 is adapting current technologies into solutions utilizing Geologic, Biologic and Technologic Sequestration methods.

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From Our Founder

The creation of AD3 Technologies was spurred by the continuous discussion about the need to address the rising atmospheric CO2 levels, with very little action. My goal was to assemble a team of action-oriented experts who are driven to make a difference. Our team looks at the proverbial red tape as an opportunity for improvement with the knowledge and sense of urgency to adapt real world solutions into problem solving technologies. Our ambition is to be the clear standard in the Carbon Capture & Storing community.

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Download Our Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to learn about Geologic Sealing Systems and why they are an absolute must for geologic sequestration in order to prevent the CO2 from escaping into the aquifer system or back into the atmosphere.

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Adapting Technology to Manage your Carbon Footprint

Introducing the Carbon-Lok System

AD3 Technologies’ Carbon-Lok System is a reliable geologic carbon sequestration system which provides a configurable solution to responsibly meet your operational requirements.

  • ESub-Surface Evaluations
  • EClass VI Permitting
  • EMaterial Analysis
  • EMonitoring System
  • EWell & Site Construction
  • EInjection Operations
  • EInspections
  • ESite Closure & Reclamation
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